OM Marketing with Brenda

The Mindful Biz Retreat

A 5-day retreat to connect with your body, mind, and business or purposeful vision. At times it's hard to "hear" what our next intention or phase is in the midst of our day-to-day. Whether it's within your business or you're in the beginning phases of envisioning your business — this retreat to is to create dreams and have an action plan for it to come to life.

Hosted by Brenda Umana — yoga and mindfulness expert, mindful marketer, business owner, and entrepreneur.

I see so many parallels to the various healing and mindfulness practices and stepping into creating the business or life you want. I often say that I would not be doing what I'm doing if it wasn't for my yoga practice. Often these practices look like they are just poses or like they have nothing to do with business, but these practices will open up portals and pathways that aren't visible through our day-to-day eyes.

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Expect yoga, meditation, various healing practices with guest practitioners as well as workshops for business, marketing, writing sessions, intention and goal setting.

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