From Content Mind to Content Marketing

Content (adj): in a state of peaceful happiness.

Content (n.): a form of marketing focused on creating information that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest.

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    Brenda Umana

    Mindful Marketing Strategist | Yoga + Meditation Educator

    Who am I?

    HELLO! Hi my name is Brenda.

    These two words - just a slight difference in our pronunciation and it means something entirely different. But as a conscious business owner wanting to offer an approach to marketing that is mindful and intentional, I can’t help but notice a strange overlap.

    After sitting on many 1:1 calls with conscious entrepreneurs and business owners, like you, I often hear how un-content or confused they are with content marketing.

    What will you learn?

    Learn the right questions to ask yourself when starting content, the right mindset you need to be in and how to set yourself up for creativity, and the exact templates and action plans I use with my marketing clients.

    I am super passionate about sharing my knowledge and combining my passions which are mindfulness and marketing. A combination I thought was so strange for so long but now makes so much sense!