Learn the three essential mindful marketing strategies

To bring your business from relying on in-person to the digital domain.

Marketing is often different for health & wellness businesses

Are you a wellness solopreneur or conscious brand unsure of which marketing tools are going to be the most effective to grow you business?

    Brenda Umana

    Mindful Specialist + Mindful Marketing Expert

    Who am I?

    HELLO! Hi my name is Brenda or Bee.

    I've lived a double-life (maybe triple life) for several years now.

    On the one side, I'm a yoga and meditation teacher and practitioner— studying these mindful practices like there's no tomorrow. On the other side, I've been working in health tech & marketing now running my own mindful businesses. And on the third side I hold a Masters of Public Health from Columbia University.

    These practices are the through line that continue to guide my life and business. I'd love to share them with you.

    What will you learn?

    Learn the three most essential marketing strategies for your wellness business. No they won't suck. Or feel pushy or salesy. I’ve increased revenue by $2k in just 6-weeks at a wellness studio using this Mindful Email Marketing approach.